Why is the American Center-Left Evil?

Anyone who’s ever spent time around Europeans knows that the American center-left is unique and special: it is evil and nihilistic, in a way the European center-left is not.  Europeans are often horrified at the idea of welfare policies that deliberately create dependency, at political activists that actively attack the family, at the American elites’ endless hatred of social trust (which is viewed as inherently racist).

This is why America is center-right.  It’s why successful Democrats are center-right.  Democrats took Congress in 2006 not because they were liberal, but because the Clinton people had pulled the party to the right.  When Obama crushed Hilary in 2008, he killed the future of his party.  But thanks to the administrative state and the nature of patronage, Obama-appointed bureaucratic nihilists will damage society long after he’s left the White House.

It is a failure of our political system that we cannot root the nihilist left out of our government.  It is, frankly, a sign that we do not enjoy a democracy.

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