I’m a center-right progress-minded Republican.  I’ve been a huge victim of progressive arrogance and idealism in the past, and I believe that all progress-minded centrists need healthy doses of right-wingers to keep our idealism from going to hubris.  Idealism and arrogance are their own kind of evil.

I believe free markets need government intervention that aligns incentives, encourages fair business practice and both enforces consumer protection and corrects structural problems when they arise.  This is in line with Heyak.  However, such interventions should be as circumscribed as possible, and conservatives should be consulted to limit inappropriate growth of government.  To be blunt, I do not trust progressives, even center-right conservative ones like myself; I’ve suffered far too much in my personal life from progressive excess.  Thus my emphasis on allowing right-wingers to check the inevitable stupidity of people like me 🙂


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